About this blog

It seems strange to start a blog in 2019, but I’m doing it. Northreads will feature articles and reviews of books, new and old, that are about Canada’s North, with a heavy emphasis on the Eastern Arctic and the N.W.T. The goal is create the ultimate reading list for people who want to know more about Canada North of 60. (Sorry Yukon, that’s just kind of a different thing.) If you’d like to contribute or complain, get in touch.

Update, April 18: I’ve been invited to do a semi-regular books column about this blog on CBC NWT’s The Trailbreaker, which means you might hear me on the show with Loren McGinnis from time to time, talking about these reviews (but get the scoop here first).

 Got a northern book you’d like to review? We welcome guest posts, especially rebuttals. saraminogue @ gmail.com.


About me

A farm kid from Saskatchewan, I moved north to Iqaluit in 2004, then west to Yellowknife in 2013. I’ve been reading about the North ever since. I’ve also worked as a reporter in print, radio and (yes, it’s true) television, including a long stint with CBC North.




Sarah Swan is a freelance art writer who moved to Yellowknife from Winnipeg in 2017. Her bylines include The Winnipeg Free Press, Maclean’s Magazine, Canadian Art, Galleries West, and more. She has published poetry with Turnstone Press, Parameter Press, and CV2, and a few embarrassing short stories with Broken Pencil.


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Book Island — The reading diary of former Yellowknife librarian Megan Clark, who now lives in Victoria, BC.

CanLit for Little Canadians — Great blog on Canadian kids books, which I won’t be covering here, except for every opportunity I get to rain praise on Inhabit Media.

Yellowknife Public Library — You can search the whole catalogue from this page.

The Book Cellar — The iconic Yellowknife book store also has an online searchable catalogue. (You can even see what’s coming soon.)